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What is Color Sealing?

by David Scott on 07/29/13

Tile is the perfect option for a Florida lifestyle.  It is classic, easy to maintain and helps your home feel cool in the summer heat! Your tile can take a beating but over time the grout lines can get dirty and stained, even with regular cleaning.

The easiest way to restore your grout is to have them professionally color sealed. This amazing process involves having a permanent color seal product applied to your existing grout lines, giving you the look and feel of newly grouted tile.  You may choose either your existing grout color or decide this is the perfect opportunity to change the grout color. We offer many standard grout colors as well as custom colors to fit your specific design needs. Either way, you get the look of a new floor without the expense and mess of re-grouting.

There are several advantages when you have Green Clean color seal your grout lines.  We use a proprietary product that is without equal.  Unlike other companies, who use a sealer that is actually just a color "stain," we use a permanent color sealer that is impervious to liquids, will not stain or mildew.  Our high quality color seals actually bonds with your existing grout, giving your years of maintenance free enjoyment.

How often should I get my carpets cleaned?

by David Scott on 07/24/13

You know you should have your carpets cleaned professionally but like most people, you probably only have a vague idea of how often it should be done. Not surprisingly, the answer to "how often should I have my carpets cleaned" is more complex than simply "when they look dirty." There are several factors that influence the frequency of your professional carpet cleanings.

The #1 factor is traffic. As a rule, you should have your highest-traffic rooms professionally cleaned about once per year.  Other factors may mean you need to get your carpets cleaned more frequently. If you are a smoker or have children, pets, or severe allergies. then you may need to get your carpets cleaned more frequently. Depending on the number of children and/or pets you have, the severity of your allergies, or other factors, you may need to have them cleaned as many as three to four times per year,

Whatever your carpet cleaning needs, Green Clean is here for you. We offer a wide range of services including carpet and tile cleaning, upholstery, mattress cleaning and more. Our friendly, professional staff will have your floors sparkling clean again in no time, and at a very reasonable price. Contact us today for your free estimate, or to schedule your appointment.

Extend the life of your carpeting.

by David Scott on 07/15/13

Carpeting is great!  Its comfortable, soft and adds a layer of luxurious texture to any home.  Your choice of flooring is one of the biggest design elements in your home reflecting your taste and point of view. Fine quality carpeting can be a huge expense so you want to take care of your investment.  With the proper maintenance, your carpeting can last a lifetime.  Here are some helpful suggestions:

1. Know your traffic patterns.  Every home has a flow and it can show first in your carpeting.  For most people, it is a beeline from the front door to the bedroom and kitchen.  These well travelled pathways can leave a wear pattern in your carpet so take the precaution of having entry floor mats at each doorway from the outside. Depending on your lifestyle and entry configuration, a runner may be an even better option. The first couple steps on an entry mat will take most of the wear and remove much of the soil from your shoes.  Keep these mats clean to lower soil tracking. 

2. The single most important thing you can do to extend the life of your carpeting is to vacuum!  Soil not only makes your flooring look bad but actually is the main culprit in wearing out the carpet fibers.  Dirt in the carpet acts like sandpaper, slowly grinding the fibers until they fray leaving you with the appearance of a traffic pattern that cannot be removed.  It may sound like a lot of work but you should vacuum once a week for each person and furry family member residing in your home.  If there are 3 of you then break out the vacuum 3 times a week. 

 3. The 2nd most vulnerable area to wear is in front of the sofa and chairs used in your busiest rooms.  Don't push your sofa or other upholstery pieces flush against the wall but leave several inches between them.  This allows for easy cleaning of these vulnerable traffic areas.

 4. Consider fabric protection with your next carpeting cleaning.  These miracle products acts as a highly effective barrier to soil and staining between cleanings.

 5. Have your carpets cleaned on a regular basis, preferably once a year.  When you wait until you can see dirt and traffic patterns, you have waited too long and damage to the carpet fibers is already occurring.  The best plan of action is having your carpets cleaned before you see them as dirty. 

6. Last but not least, don't wear your shoes in the house! Shoes not only track in the bulk of the soil but many shoe soles are made with a petroleum based product that easily blackens the carpet and mars your other hard surfaces.  Avoid any black soled shoe for best results. Even going barefoot will track a surprising amount of body oils on your floors which will attract dirt. Enjoy the softness of your carpet and wear only socks when home. You'll be glad you did.

If you have questions or would like to book an appointment, contact your friendly technician at Green Clean by calling 772-708-0355 or directly thru this website. 

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